From The Jingweeds

Episode #119 I'm Bored!

January 08, 2023 Matt & Dan Season 3 Episode 119
From The Jingweeds
Episode #119 I'm Bored!
Show Notes

On Today's Job Board we have Xmas review,  too many toys for the kids and Frankie, we find out Frankie's breed, We're loving the recent rains, Nice to have a few new guys that give a shit, Dan is a soccer guy, Who's the best you ever saw, Why are people so entitled, and of course Course Happenings, Lets Tee Off!

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Beer Review:
Hop Hackin' Henry: Odd13 Brewing (6.8% ABV, 0 IBUs)
Euphoria Pale Ale: Ska Brewing (6% ABV, 58 IBUs)

Out of Gas: Modest Mouse

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